Affiliate Program

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings By Becoming our Affiliate with Share-A-Sale!

How It Works:

If you have a website related to International relations, Retail, Service or Travel - our program may be a great fit. Now you can use your website to facilitate International Friendship and Gift Giving, encourage True Love Without Borders, and promote Innovative Products – while making a profit!

You can post our links or banners and you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue resulting from traffic you direct to our website. In addition, you have an opportunity to display your own branded storefront within your webpage by including our product samples.

We take care of all the work: 24x7 customer service, order processing, and delivery.  Do as much or as little marketing as you desire, and watch the profits add up.  We pay you 10% of all sales deriving from the business you send our way. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout and other payment methods. Best of all, when you start bringing us many great orders we will upgrade your commission to 12% or even 15%. Our affiliates typically earn between $50 USD and $1500 per month!  Share-A-Sale pays out commissions to you on a monthly basis or once your profits reach $50 USD. The average commission payout per order is $18 USD.


How Do I Register to become a Share-A-Sale Affiliate?

To become a affiliate, you simply need to fill out our Share-A-Sale registration form, which takes about three minutes to complete.  Choose your User Name and Password, and we will open an account for you, effective immediately.  You will receive full access to our affiliate banners, links, coupons, and gift cards, and you'll be able to manage your ad campaigns, view your stats, and request payments from there.

Just remember: We retain the right to terminate your account at any time if we determine that the content of your website is unsuitable for our organization.  Please remember that has a few simple rules that every V.I.P. must follow: no spam links and no inappropriate content. 

Register here to enter the V.I.P. Affiliate Lounge. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

We can't wait to help you get started


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