Employee Service Awards

Service Awards to Boost Employee Loyalty






Harvard Business School research proves there is a strong correlation between customer loyalty and employee loyalty. Therefore, we recommend treating employees as a special form of customer to your business.

How important is Employee Loyalty?

As the graph below shows, the importance of employee loyalty is huge! In virtually all industries, it has been demonstrated that companies with the lowest turnover of employees have the highest profit per employee. High turnover of key workers reduces operational efficiency and ultimately paralyzes management’s ability to seek profitable opportunities.

Importance of Employee Loyalty


Corporate Gift Baskets for Long Term Service Awards

We offer an approach to long-term service recognition like no other. Many employees don't have the same strength of loyalty to their companies that they used to. Combine that with the fact that the competition is constantly attempting to home in on your best and brightest, and it's not difficult to understand that rewarding employee dedication and celebrating milestone anniversaries is important to employee retention.
Our strong relationships with the highest-quality, Internationally recognized brands make it easy for us to provide you with original, modern, and personalized answers to the question of long-term service rewards and help you achieve the Loyalty Surplus.

Use our services to:

  • Increase commitment with incentives that encourage employees to remain loyal,
  • Simplify the process with detailed analyses and reduced management,
  • Impress your employees with enticing awards that include high-end brands and desired products,
  • Humanize and personalize awards in order to impress your employees with your generosity.

Our long-time experience in corporate gifting and employee loyalty ensures that we can help you customize reward solutions ideal for a number of achievements, employee types, and terms of service, and ensures that we are the perfect partner for your Reward Programs. Visit our private-branded demo website that is fully customizable for your brand and program conditions.

Employee Inspiration & Awards

Of course, we know that excellent employee service isn't only about making sales and achieving goals, but at the same time, the importance of encouraging your employees to provide results, and of offering rewards to spur them on has been proven. Studies show that gift awards are far more successful than cash-based rewards. So with a wide variety of products that allow us to customize your incentive campaign, our program is a guaranteed way to achieve measured results for your company.

Use our program to:

  • Motivate your employees to achieve the best results possible with excellent rewards,
  • Customize short-term campaigns with rewards for pre-determined milestones,
  • Create rewards packages for open-ended campaigns to keep staff members engaged,
  • Inspire employees with rewards and incentives for product launches, regularly scheduled, targeted accomplishments, and service that goes above and beyond expectations,
  • Provide unique, personalized rewards that are sure to be remembered and that will increase loyalty.

Our experience with Fortune 500 companies provides us with the knowledge we need to tailor an incentive program that's ideal for inspiring your employees and producing results. We will work closely with you through each stage to make sure every campaign is a success.


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