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Tips and Tricks for Promoting

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to drive sales within the Affiliate Program.

Talk about our selling points: (This helps to increase trust and conversions.)

  • We ship locally and internationally.
    • Our database only shows appropriate and non-offensive gifts for the country you are shipping to.
    • We have been delivering gifts for more than 6 years.
    • Our bulk order sheet lets people ship multiple gifts to multiple people at one place with one credit card. This saves time and stress.
    • We carry everything from plants and wine to fruit and foods in addition to name brand products like Godiva gifts and of course, gift baskets (link the word gift baskets to your homepage).

Talk about the actual gifts
One way to really sell specific gifts is to read our description and then tie it into a story that the person can picture. Instead of saying this is a great gift basket for picnics, talk about the things in the gift basket like the wine and how you can share it over a romantic meal while watching the sun set and kissing the person you love. Talk about how the basket will make a fun thing to keep as a memory of an amazing date when you got engaged and how you can always look at it and remember why and how you fell in love. Talk about each piece of the basket and you’ll generate a ton of content that is relevant and pre-sells the products so the sale is easier to make.

PPC List

PPC is a great opportunity with long tail keywords. Here are some keywords and negatives that you can use as a starting point.* Remember, you may never bid on any of our trademarks, urls, or extensions like coupons, coupon codes, deals, etc.


  • Gift Baskets to Asia
  • Gifts to Europe
  • Wine Gift Hampers
  • Fruit Gift Baskets to London
  • Food gift baskets
  • Get well gift baskets
  • Send gift baskets internationally
  • Send gifts internationally


  • Free shipping
  • Giftbasketsoverseas
  • Illegal
  • Banned
  • What is
  • Can I
  • How do I
  • Cheap

* We cannot guarantee the success of these terms, however they should be a good starting point for your campaigns.

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