Affiliate Program FAQs

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Affiliate Program FAQs


How do I join the Program? How Much Does It Cost?
Just click Join Now to join our program on Share a Sale. There is no cost to join since we are the ones who are paying you for your referrals. Affiliate Marketing never costs to join a program or network. If you do find someone that charges a fee, you should run the other way.


When will I get paid?

Share a Sale pays Affiliates on a monthly basis. You will receive payment for your referrals when you have met the minimum payout requirements set by Share a Sale. Once you have logged in, you’ll be able to adjust them. This feature may only be available after you’ve gotten your first check. Please contact ShareASale (at) ShareASale (dot) com if you have any payment questions.


How do I use your banner ads and text links?

  1. Log into your Share a Sale account and click on Get Links.
  2. Type in in the search box and then click get banners.
  3. Find the banner ad or text link you would like to use by looking through grid.
  4. Copy the link in the Share a Sale interface.
  5. Paste the link into your website or blog.
  6. Save the page with the link or publish the post.


Can I join the program if I am a customer of
Yes. Who better to promote our services than our customer base? Our customers have experienced the effectiveness of our products first hand and we are thrilled to have them referring their friends and peers to us.


How do I contact you with questions?

Just write to [email protected] and our Affiliate Manager Yaroslav Chase will help with whatever he can.