Comparison Table

Lots of customers ask if it’s less expensive to ship gifts overseas themselves, or with another company without our warehouse network. The fact is, either option is going to be more expensive, slower, and add more risk for damage. Compare the estimates in the chart below and you’ll see the GBO difference.
Gift Company that Ships Cross Border
Do-it-yourself Gift Shipped Cross Border
Delivery Method
Local delivery, gift doesn't cross border
Gift is assembled by a company in your country and shipped cross border
You purchase items yourself, gift-wrap it and ship cross border
Average Cost of Gift Contents (USD)
Cost of Basket & Gift Packaging (USD)
Average Delivery Cost (USD)
Rates: FedEx | DHL | UPS
Customs or Duty Fees (USD)
NO Customs Fees
$15 (10% of gift+shipping).
Varies by country, can be requested from recipient, if not prepaid corectly.
$21 (10% of gift+shipping).
Varies by country, sometimes requested from recipient.

Customs Documentation Requirements
NONE, provided by gift shipper. However mistakes often cause delivery delays.
Certificate of Origin, Shipper's Export Declaration
Average Delivery Time
1-3 biz days
4-9 biz days
7-12 biz days
All-inclusive Cost (USD)

* Please note: All 3rd party shipping costs mentioned in the table are calculated on April 18, 2016 and may change daily.
Sources of data: FedEx, DHL, UPS, Pitney Bowes Duty Calculator

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