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  • I would like to pay in my local currency. Can I do that?

Our invoice will generate your order total in USD and your local currency (or another currency if you request it). When you use your credit card, you will automatically be charged in your currency based on the exchange rate used by your card's issuing bank.

We can always provide you with the approximate total in your currency based on the current exchange rate.

  • I am looking to send the same gift to multiple countries. Can you do that?

The short answer: Yes, but with some restrictions.

As you can imagine, maintaining high quality stock in 200 countries takes a little juggling, and maintaining the exact same stock at all times in all regions is simply impossible. But, to make it easy, we’ve designed an exclusive catalog of gifts that are available in most of the countries where we deliver. You can see our gifts available for worldwide delivery here, and check on pricing and availability details for one.

Other items in our catalog may also be available for delivery in multiple countries, but the rest of our catalog can vary greatly by region. If an item you’re interested in is not available in some country on your list: we may still be able deliver a similar item there, however the exact price and the brands of items in the basket may be different. Please contact our corporate gift consultant to check or to get help with choosing a similar item.

If you are ordering more than three gifts at once: YES. Over the years, we’ve received everything from spreadsheets, to lists in the body of the email, and even scanned PDF pages with handwritten notes on them! After 12 years, and seeing so many possible methods of taking your orders, we developed the one that is absolutely the easiest and fastest possible for you and us.

We’ll handle everything for you (and a lot of other customers) from helping choose gifts to adding your corporate logo, and – of course – your gift delivery, we only ask that you submit your order on our official Bulk Order Form.

Filling out the form as completely as possible at the start saves us time getting the information piecemeal, helps us validate your addresses, and provides us the longest possible handling and shipping time. It might look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! Instructions are included on the second page of the spreadsheet, and you can check out this short video, too. If all else fails, contact us and we’ll help.

  • Can I add my company’s logo?

Absolutely! You can include your company’s logo, slogan, and other branding materials for FREE, printed on the gift card that comes with each order. Learn more about adding your logo to gifts here.

  • How do I incorporate my company’s logo?

Send your high quality (300 dpi) .JPEG, .PNG, or .TIFF files along with your order. Please allow an additional 7 business days from the date of payment, in addition to regional shipping times, for deliveries logo printing.  See more about how it works here.

  • If I order for multiple recipients to the same address: will I have to pay a separate delivery fee?

Due to the shipping logistics we may have to ship gifts individually regardless of whether the order is placed for multiple items. In such cases, a separate delivery fee will apply. In other cases, we are able to provide a shipping discount for multiple recipients at the same address. Regardless, you will be entitled to a corporate discount based on the purchase volume. Please contact us to receive an accurate quote for your bulk order.

  • I am looking to send the same gift to multiple countries. Can you do that?

While some items may be available for delivery in multiple countries, our catalog varies greatly by the region. If the item is not available in some country on your list: we may still be able deliver a similar item there, however the exact price and the brands of items in the basket may be different. Please contact our corporate gift consultant to check whether the specific item of your interest is available in all countries on your list or to help with choosing a similar item.

  • There's something wrong with my order. What are you going to do about it?

Please let us know exactly what is wrong with your order. Include information about exactly what was delivered and its packaging; a picture of what was delivered will be very helpful. We will fully investigate what went wrong, and be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.

  • Do the prices include shipping, taxes and customs duties?

Our prices include taxes, customs, and duties; however, they do not include shipping. You can find the shipping costs to all countries here. In some cases we may be able to offer a shipping discount for the multiple items shipped to the same address.

  • How to order for the same people I sent gifts last year?

If you placed a bulk order last year, just contact us and we can either send you an updated version of your bulk order form with your recipients already in it, or a list of your recipients with their addresses and phone numbers. Simply verify that their contact information is still current, add/delete some recipients, choose your gifts, and send your order back to us for processing.

  • How do I apply my discount?

When you place your bulk order, simply include in your email that you'd like us to calculate your discount or include a discount code (if known). If you have no discount code: corporate discounts are calculated based on the volume of your order. Alternatively if you are placing a single order - you can enter a discount code right on the order form after entering your order details.

  • Do you ship from abroad (in connection with customs) or locally?

We maintain warehouses in each country (or region) we serve to keep shipping times and costs to a minimum; therefore, you never have to worry about customs or duties hassles. In some regions such as European Union or other open borders regions we ship out of 2-3 wareouses that are centrally located to allow fastest shipping.

  • Can I incorporate my company’s logo?
Absolutely! You can include your company’s logo, slogan, and other branding materials on any gift you’d like to send within USA, Canada, UK and in other countries (subject to availability and advance ordering).  
  • How do I incorporate my company’s logo?
Send your branding materials 30 days prior to the date of delivery, and we’ll make sure they are presented in a prominent place on the gift of your choice.
  • Can I send multiple gifts at the same time?
Of course! We specialize in large orders to multiple recipients. Simply download our electronic order form here, fill out the order form with your gift selections; your recipients’ information including names, addresses, and phone numbers; and email it back to us for processing. We’ll email you shortly to confirm your order and process your payment.  
  • Can I send gifts to non-traditional locations?
Yes! We can send your gifts to hotel rooms and hospital rooms, even schools and cruise ships. Just contact us with your recipient’s information – hotel or hospital room; cruise ship reservation number and room number; or school address, phone number, and classroom number – and we’ll make sure your gift goes where you want!
  • Are there discounts for large corporate orders?

There are! Our corporate customers enjoy discounts of up to 20% and more depending on the size of the order. Contact us or click here to find out more about our corporate discounts.  


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