Gifts for Customers

Corporate Gifts for your Customers

Keep Them Thinking of You by Thinking of Them

Corporate Gifts for your Customers


Building Customer Loyalty

These days it can be difficult to keep a customer’s attention. Everyone is inundated with information and offers from companies other than yours. But now, is making it easy for you to give your customers the personal touch they deserve and that will keep your company right on top of their minds.


Our gifts have proven time and again to be very successful vehicles for many enterprises in the financial, shipping, and energy industries, including Fortune 500 companies. Sending our luxurious gift baskets emblazoned with your branding materials is the perfect way to instill brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more. We strongly recommend including your product/service offers in the gift baskets as well! We can even add your product samples as one of the items in a basket you select (subject to advance ordering).


The best part is that you’re not just reaching one customer at a time. Gift baskets like these are sure to be shared, and you can guarantee that everyone else enjoying the gift basket experience will be asking, “Who sent you that gorgeous gift basket!?”


It’s time to add a personal touch and try something new and exciting with your marketing budget!

Submit an inquiry form and our corporate gift consultant will be in touch within hours.


Send Our Corporate Gift Baskets and:

  • Impress your customers with your generosity and fine taste by sending delicious gourmet foods, fine wines, decadent chocolates, gorgeous flowers, and soothing spa gifts.
  • Increase your brand loyalty and boost sales by including your company logo, slogan, and even offers in our gift baskets ( learn more).
  • Enjoy incredible discounts on bulk orders.
  • Send luxurious gifts to customers anywhere in the world in over 200 countries



Keep Your Customers & Resolve Complaints

We all know it's far more expensive to seek out new customers than it is to develop and maintain relationships with existing ones, so it's obvious that devoting the time to making your customers so happy they recommend you to others is an enormous benefit to your profit margin. Additionally we re ready to help you answer customers' concerns immediately - before they escalate or turn into complaints - with our fast, easy-to-use-service.


How Does It Work?

It's easy! Just download our easy-to-use Excel form. Tell us which gifts you want to send, fill in your customers' names, tell us where you want your gifts to go – don't forget to include a personalized message – and we'll make sure your gifts get there: guaranteed! Send us your completed template by email. Your account will be taken care of by a dedicated corporate gift consultant, and you'll receive a notification before gifts are sent, and a tracking number to monitor status of each delivery.


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