Complaint Resolution

Complaint Resolution and Strengthening Customer Relationships

Corporate Gift Baskets for Complaint Resolution






In a marketing world where most customers can just click around to find another product similar to yours, it's no wonder that the importance of complaint resolution and customer recovery is widely accepted. Our Service Recovery Gifting Program is specially created to assist you in bringing complaining customers back into the fold, in strengthening weaker customer relationships, and in increasing loyalty (and profit) from your clients.

Perhaps you are already compensating complaint customers or offering monetary rewards to customers that you'd like to entice to buy again, but this may not be the best way to build the brand loyalty you need to ensure returns. Research suggests that most customers do not respond at all, or even respond negatively, to monetary compensation, but that they respond positively to gifts.

We're ready to help you:

  • Stop losing customers and increase their loyalty to your company,
  • Decrease lost profits from monetary compensation with proven gifting techniques,
  • Impress your customers with the human touch that gifting along with personalized greeting cards provides,
  • Answer customers' concerns immediately - before they escalate or turn into complaints - with our fast, easy-to-use-service,
  • Pinpoint issues before they become problems and create more accurate compensation spending analyses,
  • Increase efficiency with a concentrated, structured gift delivery service no matter where your customer is located.

We are the foremost experts in international gift delivery, corporate gifting services, and customer loyalty gifting; our ever-expanding corporate customer base is an excellent testament to the fact that we can provide you with what you need to begin to deliver a vast array of excellent service memories to your customers. Our customers report up to 60% reductions in compensation spending, in addition to positive feedback and testimonials from clients - we think those results speak volumes.


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