Boosting Casino Retention

Build Loyalty for Casino Players with Gifting Campaign

Player retention are the words on the lips of everyone in the Online Gaming industry right now. But what does this mean for your company? Aren't great games and excellent customer service enough to keep customers loyal? In a word, no. Learn the secrets to bringing your best customers back to your sites again and again. FREE, for a limited time, you can download a digital copy of Keeping Them Playing Your Game: Strategies for Customer Retention in the Online Gaming Industry, and find the latest research and strategies for continued customer re-activation that your competitors don't want you to know about.

Think you have enough customers? Think again. Obviously, people want to play. The Online Casino industry has increased by 12.5% in 2012 alone, and researchers are confident this growth will continue in the double digits throughout 2013. Besides that, the gambling market is far from saturated. The British and European markets are predicted to continue to boom, despite recession, and Global Industry Analysts predicts that growth will emerge in Russian, Eastern European and Asian markets as well.

However, the difficulty comes not from a lack of customers, but from fierce competition. In a market where developers are constantly devising flashier games to attract YOUR customers' eyes and in which connected marketing gurus are always thinking up the next big prize promotion, you must also concentrate on keeping your customers playing your game. You must find a balance between creating a fun, attractive product (the game) and superior customer service while also going above and beyond in your campaign to literally get inside your customers' heads.

Our exclusive Whitepaper can help you discover what motivates your players to return again and again, learn the psychology behind keeping players engaged, and learn the most effective strategy for attracting and keeping their loyalty.


Concepts covered include:

  • Understanding your players' habits
  • Motivating your customer
  • Cutting-edge industry research
  • Effective promotional strategies
  • And more!

Learn more about the science behind customer loyalty and retention including the use of constant rewards, positive reinforcement and its effect on customers, and the psychology behind gaming habits with's exclusive white paper Keeping Them Playing Your Game: Strategies for Customer Retention in the Online Gaming Industry. Request the digital copy (a $39.95 value), FREE for a limited time.


We'll teach you how to keep your customers in a competitive market.

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